He's a Pirate is a fan Tribute to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Here you will find nearly 200 photos from the movies, info about the cast, assorted media, and much more. Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to sign the guestbook!


12/13/06 - There are eight new banners since the last update :) I'll try to get some more updates in over the holidays!

8/22/06 - The fan section is completely updated with new artwork, banners, wallpapers, avatars, fanfictions, and poems (plus one very cool tattoo). The links are updated, as is everything on the site section (including affiliates). To-morrow I head off to college and I'm not quite sure how long it will take me to figure out how much free time I'll have for updating HaP. If visitors would please refrain from submitting things (fan section content, link or affiliate requests) until I post saying that I've settled in, I'd appreciate it. Thanks guys!

8/8/06 - The next three scenes from Curse of the Black Pearl are screen-captured and up here - that means 560 new pictures!

8/6/06 - 522 new screen captures in the gallery: the next four scenes. Nine more scenes to go!

8/6/06 - No gallery updates yet, but five new banners. Plus, if you check out the media page, we have a new PotC music jukebox!

8/3/06 - Nine new banners! Will update galleries soon, too :)

7/16/06 - New layout up, yay! Features images from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, as promised! Will try to have other updates up sometime soon, too. Thanks for waiting!

7/14/06 - Ooh, six months of no updates...not very good, sorry. Seven new banners! New pictures in most galleries! A new PotC2-based layout on the way!

1/14/06 - New brushes section up with nine sets of brushes for use with Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop (section can be accessed through media page), and a video section with clips and trailers for PotC 1 & 2 (also accessible through media page).

1/8/06 - Happy New Year! Hopefully a new year will bring a fresh start to the rather abysmal job I've been doing with HaP. The fan section is finally updated with six new fan fictions (POTC 2: The Hidden Past, POTC 3: Barbossa's Revenge, and POTC 4: The Blood of a Pirate, by pirateoftherings; A Man Who Became a Pirate, by ~pirate*arrow~, A Pirate's Life for Her, by Edwina Piratewitch; and Willís Secret Admirer, by Aredhel Inglorion), two updated fanfictions (You've Only Got One Shot, and We Can't Die; and Jack Sparrow's Heart); two new poems (Pirates Are Forever, by Stephen; and Sparrow's Nest, by Faye), a few new banners, several wallpapers, and some drawings. Also updated is the Extras section, with the lyrics to the "A Pirate's Life for Me" song. I'll try to get some PotC brushes up soon :)

12/27/05 - Alrighty then! How I've been neglecting HaP can only be called pathetic, and I apologize. I'm doing my best to remedy things a bit over my holiday break, and here's what I have so far:

Next up will be work on the fan section, links, and affiliates. Sorry for the many delays!

8/1/05 - So much for more updates o.O I do have a bunch of new stuff to post, but most of it will have to wait. However, there are four new banners (Jack, Will, Liz, and Barbossa, to rangerofithilian, Lady_April, Eliwen, and pirateoftherings respectively).

6/3/05 - Yikes, a new record for no updating. Now that the school year is over for me, I should have some time to put in a bit of work on HaP. Right now, the only news is that there are three new banners (Jack, Elizabeth, and Will, to Altariel aka Isabel Sparrow, Steffie, and Beriadanwen respectively). More updates later!

10/25/04 - Wow...no updates for five months! Pretty bad :-\ Well, anyway, I've finally updated the whole layout to (hopefully) make the site more professional. I've added new fan section material, plus a new affiliate. Be sure to check everything out!

5/30/04 - A new banner of Jack (dedicated to Anamaria)

5/26/04 - A new wallpaper and fan fiction in the fan section, and two new wallpapers of Barbossa in the desktops section

5/12/04 - 3 new quizzes (whoohoo, updates two days in a row!)

5/11/04 - 26 new pictures in the gallery (on pages 7 and 8)

5/3/04 - Lots of new banners in the fan section, plus a new fan wallpaper

4/27/04 - A new banner of Will Turner, dedicated to Elf

4/18/04 - 72 new screen captures on pages 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the gallery

4/17/04 - New banners and wallpapers in the fan section! Also a new poll: why did you first see PotC? In the last poll (What is your favorite fight sequence in PotC?), Jack and Will's fight in the blacksmith shop won overwhelmingly with nearly a thousand votes.

4/8/04 - 4 new banners: Jack and Will (dedicated to the PotC Guild), Will (to Lomadia), Jack, Will, Johnny, and Orlando (to Melissa), and Elizabeth (to Jami). Also 13 new photos (on page 4 of the gallery).

3/28/04 - 2 new Will Turner banners: one dedicated to PrincessOfMirkwood, the other to Haley Sheffield.


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