Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!

You're Captain Jack Sparrow! Played by Johnny
Depp, you're a daft pirate with no regard for
laws. Your crimes include piracy, smuggling,
impersonating an officer of the Spanish Royal
Navy, impersonating a cleric of the Church of
England, and very many others. You can't
usually make up your mind which side you're
fighting for, and you enjoy really bad eggs.


Which POTC Character Are You?



Are You The Girl For Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow? Many Outcomes and Pics!

You're a really straight shooter and smart to boot!
But you lack the adventure and humour Jack is
looking for. Although, you would make a perfect
crew member with your innovative thinking!


Are you a rabid Pirates of the Caribbean fangirl?
You're an obsessive Orlando Bloom fangirl!
You're a rabid Orlando Bloom fangirl, you probably
call him Orli and are making plans for your
wedding. (I AM NOT!!!!!!!!!!! *scowls*)


Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character are you obsessed with?
You are obsessed with Will. Orli.... you think hes
absolutely gorgey as an old fashioned ...
romantic.... *falls of into dream land* (I am NOT obsessed with Orlando or Will!)


Which 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Eyes Do You Have?
You've Got Captain Jack Sparrow's Eyes! You've Seen
So much of the world, and lost many friends and
dear posessions.


The Pirates of the CaribbeanIQ...duh!~(now with pics!)
Hot picture of Johnny Depp as a pirate!
You're a real pirate, mate! That's how well you
know the story (or you're a very obsessed
teen.)Congrats, again, or as Cap'n Jack Sparrow
would say: 'Drink up me hearties, yo ho!' You
heard right, now get drunk!


*~*The Hardest POTC Quiz EVER*~*

You are a POTC fanatic! Congratulations!


Awesome POTC Personality Quiz

You are Will. Faithful, brave, and sweet as can be,
you are a great person to be around. You are
very hard-working and put all of you effort
into what you want to accomplish. You are
usually laid back unless someone messes with
your friends and loved ones. Although you
aren't always the brightest bulb in the pack,
your inner beauty makes up for that.


How POTC crazed are you???

You've seen this movie about 10 or more times! you
have 6 or more posters, you have saved so many
pictures on the computer, your desktop
probably features one or more of the
characters! Just like us you are CRAZED about
POTC! We really like it!You drive EVERYONE
nutts, and you're always quoting it, and you
probably know it word for word. But trust us,
this is NOT a bad thing!