Dreams Of Sparrows
by ~*Pirate Queen*~

The Ocean is quiet and calm
While sails wave and flow with the wind
And sparrows fly into the fog
But can you hear the mermaids blow their horns

Dreams of sparrows
Dreams of sails
Dreams of the oceans
Mermaids tales

Looking into the sky
I can see the colorful clouds
It feels like I'm way up high
Upon the midnight colored Black Pearl

Dreams of the Pearl
Dreams of the sky
Dreams of the clouds
Drifting by

I know that if I go
I can be free-spirited
I can row with the pirates
I will always have something to do
With my life
I can dream

Dreams of freedom
Dreams of adventure
Dreams of pirates
Oceans lure

As I look through my window pane
I can see the sparrows fly through the fog
They are leaving
And all through the lanes, no other creature in sight
But with my life
I can dream...

I can dream
And make
The dreams of sparrows