Jack Will Come Back
by ~*Pirate Queen*~

The Black Spot took him
Davey Jones took him
And the Kraken took him

He was their hero
He was their captian
He was their friend
And they all thought he was dead...

He was taken in
More worse thean he would've
Been taken in the Gallows

Even now
That Jack is gone
The world seems a little less bright

But, he's not gone forever
Cause they're on thier way
To rescue him
And not to pay their lives

Friend and foe
Will join together
On this quest to save Jack
Even though it might take forever

They will go to the end of the earth
Just to save the Pearl
And 'ol Jack back

So don't fret
My loyal friends
Don't be wet with tears
Everyone says it
But I'll repeat it agian:
Jack will come back