Pirates Are Forever
by Stephen

The night had come, the moon was up,
All slept, even the jail-dog.
But out to sea, a ship had come,
Appearing out of the fog.

Its sails were torn, its deck was black,
Its crew was cheering it on.
A wind picked up, the clouds had cleared,
I pirate flag, it had donned.

The moonlight grew, exposing all,
The ship had now reached the Port.
It now turned left, side-to-the-town,
The cannons fired at the Fort.

The townsfolk woke, they'd heard the noise,
And made off towards safety.
The pirates rowed on to the shore,
Yelling very viciously.

I tell this tale, though it is sad,
To warn you about the sea.
It's dangerous, if you go far,
A pirate ship you might see.