Pirate Gurl
by Lil Sid

One day on a The black pearl Jack and Anna-maria were sort of flirting (all right, they were). That night the whole crew could here banging in the cabin. No one would dare walk in there because the only two people who were missing was Anna-Maria and of course Jack Sparrow. The next morning Anna-Maria left Jack’s ship. She left and was really mad. “Oh well,” Jack mumbled.

5 years later

Jack and his crew were in Tortuga before a very important voyage. “Shall we go to the bar before our voyage,” Jack offered. “Aye, I could use a drink,” Mr. Gibbs replied. As Mr. Gibbs walked in the bar, Jack was waiting for the rest of his crew. “Jack,” said Anna- Maria tapping his shoulder. “Oh, hello mate,” Jack said sort of nervous. “Well, Jack ever since I left your ship, you left me with this,” Anna Maria said and than showing him the girl that she was holding hands with (The girl was about 5 or 6). “What,” Jack asked sort of confused. But Ann-Mari just pushed the Girl towards Jack and than ran off. “Um, come on little girl,” Jack said to the girl. The girl did as she was told. Jack walked in the bar and explained. “Give her a name,” Mr. Gibbs said. “Ok,” Jack said slowly, “Rebecca Sparrow.” “Aye, nice name,” Mr. Gibbs said. “Drink up me hearties yo ho,” Jack said giving the girl some rum.

When the Rebecca was 1 3

Rebecca was practicing her sword stunts with Jack. “Your pretty good,” Rebecca said. “Not bad yourself luv,” Jack replied. All of a sudden the two were walking to the Turners house. “Father what am I doing here,” Rebecca asked. “This is where you will live until me and Will are finished with some ship thing. “But,” Rebecca protested. But before Rebecca could finish she was in a house looking confused and she wasn’t happy