You've Only Got One Shot, and We Can't Die
by Elenriel the Pirate

*A Dream*

Jack is sitting at a table, in one of the Black Pearl's cabins, across from a man who keeps his face hidden. "Will you please reveal yourself", Jack asks the stranger. The stranger looks up at him and Jack straightens in his chair. It's Barbossa, he laughs wickedly. "Didn't think I'd survive did ye", he asks Jack. "I thought you were dead", Jack exclaims. "No you can't kill me." "But the curse was lifted." "It was lifted after you shot me. I have been brought back by the heathen Gods, so I can take revenge on ye". He laughs wickedly again, and Jack jolts himself awake. He is in the captain's quarters of the Black Pearl. He shakes his head to clear it and puts on his coat and hat, which were lying on the chair at his desk where he had carelessly thrown them the night before. Now the desk is cluttered with maps. He goes outside and lets the cool ocean breeze blow on his face. He climbs up to the crow's nest and looks out on the horizon, where he sees a black land form: Tortuga.

*Port Royal, the next day*

Elizabeth walks through the busy streets of Port Royal looking at all the shops and merchants on the streets. All of the sudden a huge gust of wind blows off her hat. She chases it down the street, and someone steps on it. She looks up into the face on the tall, handsome, young blacksmith Will Turner. He picks up the hat and hands it to her. "Will, why aren't you working in the shop today" she asks him as she dusts off her hat. "I was delivering an order to Commodore Norrington and I thought I'd come see you, but it seems that the winds have brought us together". Elizabeth smiles and looks up at the sky. "It looks as if a storm is coming, but I know that's not it". They start to walk while they talk. " What is it then?" "Jack's coming, or he's near." "What?" "Every time the Black Pearl is near the winds change. It wasn't Barbossa and his crew's curse, it's the ship it's self.... Wouldn't it be nice if he came for the wedding?" "Of course, but he'd be noticed." "Will, it's been two years since Commodore gave him a head start, he has no desire to find Jack, or put him in prison. If he and his crew get out of hand with their pirating then I see why he'd be after him, but we haven't heard anything from Jack in these last two years."

*The Faithful Bride Tavern in Tortuga, later that night.*

Jack, Anamaria, and Gibbs are sitting at a table in the corner of the tavern. Once the barmaid has gone to get their rums Jack turns to Anamaria and Gibbs. "We're getting closer to Port Royal" he whispers to them. "So" Anamaria retorts. "Would you mind if we stopped there?" "Are we bringing any certain people with us?" Jack smiles "Maybe". Anamaria frowns at him "No." "Come on luv." "No." "I'm the captain." "Fine, but if they come, then they have to pull their own weight." Gibbs nods in approval, the barmaid comes and puts their rums on the table. They each take one and hold them up to each other. "Next stop Port Royal" says Jack. They clink their tankards together and drink.

*Port Royal the same night*

Will is working on a sword. He finishes and dunks it in a barrel of water. The water bubbles and once it stops he takes it out and checks it's balance: Perfect. He lays it in a pile of swords, then leaves the shop and heads towards the docks. The wind is still blowing fiercely, but to him it feels good on his hot and sweaty face. Once he reaches the docks he finds Elizabeth sitting on one. He goes over to her and sits down next to her. She remains silent and looks at the horizon. "I didn't know that you were going to be looking for him too. Isn't your father going to be mad?" "He's in England, he left today." "I was thinking about Jack while I was working on a sword, how we had dueled in the shop." "When?" "It was right after he had threatened you. I found him hiding in the shop, and since I wouldn't let him leave we dueled." "Who won?" "I don't know... He cheated. He almost shot me." "Why?" "Because I wouldn't move away from the door." Elizabeth puts her head on his shoulder. "You're very stubborn. You know that Will Turner? But I still love you... Tell me more."

*Jack's dream that night*

Jack is still talking with Barbossa. "Why do you want revenge against me? I lifted the curse." "You killed me!" "It's better than being cursed all your life." Barbossa laughs. "Your life is going to be turned upside down and inside out. Everyone in your life will suffer, and by the time it's all over you'll wish you were dead." "I'm a pirate, I don't care about anyone. You can't make anyone suffer anyway, at least not internally, if you wanted externally, then I'd get to them before you." Barbossa stares at him angrily. "The curse is back Jack, so face it! It can do whatever it wants to whomever it wants! So long as it knows their blood. Think about who's blood it's familiar with." He pauses. "Watch your back in Port Royal." Jack's eyes snap open. "Will." he whispers. He's still on the Black Pearl, but it's not moving anywhere. He puts on his hat, coat, and grabs a long dark brown cloak. He goes out to the deck, it's now morning, Gibbs walks over to him. "I didn't want to disrupt your sleep Cap'n but we're here." Jack looks at Port Royal off in the distance. He can see the Dauntless docked in the bay, the fort where Elizabeth had fallen into the water, and he had gone to her rescue. Also the dock where he threatened her by wrapping his irons around her neck, and had said "You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow" then he had pushed her away and swung around on a rope escaping by a bridge. He had run through the town and into the blacksmith's shop and straight into more trouble. He had found William Turner, he knew he looked familiar, but he couldn't place him until he had come to break him out of jail. His last adventure with the lad had started and ended here. Yes, Port Royal holds too many memories, he thought to himself. Far too many.

*At the docks of Port Royal*

Elizabeth walks around the docks checking the horizon every so often, but there was still no sign of Jack, the wind however had picked up it's speed greatly. As she walks through the docks she notices that there are several men hooded and cloaked in black. She had gone to see Will this morning and he had told her to stay away from the docks because of them. He had also asked her to stay in the shop because he didn't want her walking back to the governor's manor alone. But while he was gone delivering swords to Gillet she had snuck out. Now she noticed that one of the figures was staring at her, and even though she could not see it's face she could feel it's gaze. She turned and started to walk to the beach and when she turned around she noticed that the one who had stared at her was following her.

She started walking faster, but every time she turned around to see if they were following her, to her dismay, they were. She broke into a run and they still followed her making a scene of people being pushed aside for them to get through. She made it to the end of the dock and found herself on the beach backed against a large rock wall on the side of a hill. She was trapped with the figures closing in on her.

"What do you want from me," she questioned them. A figure to her right stepped forward.

"Where be William Miss. Turner," it asked her, and to her surprise, she thought that she would have recognized it's voice, but she didn't.

"Who wants to know," she asked.

No one answered her but they started closing in on her and she could only back into the rock wall and hope that she could disappear within it.

"Who are you," she exclaimed.

They ignored her question as they had the others and continued to surround her. There was no hope left.

"Show me who you are," she demanded.

"Leave 'er alone!"

All of the figures turned to look at a man, cloaked in brown, headed towards them. As he came closer the figures edged out of the way except for two, the one that had spoken to Elizabeth, and another, whom she assumed the leader. The same figure that had spoken to her spoke to the man. The leader seemed not to want to be identified.

"So you have come," it gestured towards the man in brown.

"I have," he replied.

"Are you ready to see your friends suffer," it asked the man.

"Not particularly, because unlike some people, I do not care to be revealed for my true identity," the man shot at him as he pulled back his hood to reveal himself; Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Jack," she said in awe. But this word she would learn to stop saying with such emotion for the figures turned back to her and the leader, still without saying a word, turned his back to Jack and walking toward Elizabeth, took out his sword. Jack unsheathed his sword as well in a challenge to the leader, and the leader stopped dead in his tracks. He turned back around and advanced at Jack, but Jack was prepared and blocked him easily.

Meanwhile Will returned from his delivery and opened the door to the blacksmith's shop. He instantly noticed the quiet, emptiness of the shop that brought an eerie feel.

"Elizabeth," he called, but no one answered.

He tried again this time shouting, "Elizabeth." Yet again, he received no answer, and he ran out of the shop as fast as his legs could carry him.


The leader and Jack moved along the beach in a heavy combat. She thought that the figures seemed occupied enough to allow her to slip away, however, once she took the chance, they noticed her, and they started to surround her as before. She was trapped again and she didn't know how she should have handled her situation so, she screamed.  To her surprise, Jack took this as a cue and backed up into the figures, and they moved. He and the leader still held their combat until he had his back to Elizabeth.


He approached the docks at full speed, and there he met Commodore and his men.

"Where is your fiance Mr. Turner," Commodore asked him.

"I was hoping that you might have seen her," he answered then as an after thought he added, "She comes to the docks every day."

Commodore stared at him for a moment before telling Will of what he had heard.

"The figures that go around hooded and cloaked have moved on to the beach, no doubt with a captive." He and his men pushed their way through the crowd of people followed by Will.


The leader unexpectantly stabbed at him, and got his sword stuck in the rock. He took the opportunity to grab Elizabeth, and they dove out of the way of the figures and they both fell on the ground.

"Get away from here the first chance you get, find your fiance and stay with him, I'll come find you," he commanded her. Then he felt a sharp pain in his back, and turned over, the leader kicked him in the jaw, his head snapped back and hit the ground. He tasted blood in his mouth, he couldn't breath, white lights were before him. Two of the figures grabbed him by both arms and dragged him to his feet, the leader punched him, and he wobbled.
"Don't come after us, we'll come for you. For those whose blood is known," the 'speaking' figure told him, the leader backhanded him and everything went black.

to be continued...