To Tame a Pirate
by Wild-at-Heart

The night was dark as a cloaked figure crept down the alley, towards the governor's house. It moved silently and stealthily, always moving towards the house, it approached the back door, and tried the handle, luck was with the "creeper", the door was unlocked and through it like a shadow the "creeper" went. Through the kitchen, pass the occupied cook, and across the hall, up the stairs and to the third bedroom on the right. The "creeper" listened to see if anyone was awake in the room; there was not a sound. So the "creeper" opened the door and went across the room to the bed, placed a hand over the mouth of the girl that was lying there and when she tried to scream the "creeper" said, "Don't worry Miss Elizabeth, I'm not planning on hurting you." Elizabeth tried to speak but her captor's hand was still over her mouth. "Here put these on." Ordered her captor, handing some clothes to Elizabeth "and don't make a sound or I'll have to knock you out." Soon Elizabeth was dressed in sailors clothes and her captor shoved a huge hat on her head, pulled her towards the door, they got out of the house without any problems, mainly because Elizabeth had a knife poking into her back. And when they were in the street her captor's hood fell back revealing a face. "Anamaria!" Elizabeth gasped, "what are you doing here and why are you kidnapping me!?" "Don't worry Miss, we just want to have a little talk." "We? We, who?" But Anamaria refused to say anymore. The pair traveled towards the wharf, then Elizabeth saw it, "The Pearl! This is Jack Sparrow's doing!" Elizabeth struggled with all her might but Anamaria's grip was like iron, she was dragged up the gangplank and onto the deck, where she saw the crew, the very same ones that had rescued Jack, three months before. Then she found her tongue, "Mr. Gibbs, I demand an explanation. Why have I been kidnapped?" "Well, no offense meant Miss, but the Cap'n was wanting to see you…" "So you come and kidnap me in the middle of the night, the night before my wedding, mind you. Because a bloody pirate wanted to see me! " "We've got to obey orders, Miss." "I suppose, well, seeing as I'm here, you may as well take me to see Jack…" "Captain, captain…" said a voice from behind her. Elizabeth spun around to face Jack, and before he could say anything else, she hauled off and slapped him square across the face, and he muttered something that sounded like, "I may not have deserved that." "Hello," she said with mock politeness, "I believe you wished to see me, Captain." "Oh, luv' it's good to see you, we can have our little talk up by the helm." "As you wish." Elizabeth started up towards the helm and Jack ordered Gibbs, in a low voice that Elizabeth couldn't hear, to set sail but stay away from the helm. When Jack reached the helm Elizabeth was getting impatient. "So, what is so all-fired important that you drag me out here in the middle of the night!" she asked. "Well, its this way-" then Jack stopped and changed the subject, "I hear that your getting yourself hitched, I suppose the future Mrs. Norrington, wouldn't consider inviting a pirate captain to her wedding, would she?" "Is that what- Mrs. Norrington? Jack, I'm going to marry Will! Not Norrington!" "Oh, oh, I see. Well that makes a difference doesn't it." Jack and Elizabeth stood at the helm for over an hour, deep in conversation. Elizabeth almost forgetting that it was the middle of the night and she had been kidnapped, she found herself enjoying their talk, until… Elizabeth realized something, "We're sailing! Jack, you bloody pirate, I'm getting married tomorrow! Take me back to shore!" "I'm sorry luv', I'm afraid I can't do that, we have more to talk about…" "Jack! If I miss my wedding tomorrow, I swear, when I'm free, I will hunt you down and have you hanged!" Elizabeth was yelling wide open now and the whole crew stopped to listen. But Jack replied calmly as if they were having a civil conversation, "Calm down, you don't mean that, you know I'll never hang…now come along and we'll have a bite to eat and then continue our conversation." They had dinner in Jack's cabin and the whole time Elizabeth didn't speak more than three words, but Jack talked and talked, then after his second rum he got up and went over to stand by Elizabeth's chair, and started, "Elizabeth, I need to tell you something," he paused before going on, "Elizabeth, I love you." "Jack, I'm getting married to-mo-rrow…" Her words slowed as Jack lifted her face, and there eyes met, 'oh, such beautiful eyes…' thought Elizabeth, 'Hey! Snap out of it!' she silently yelled at herself. But Jack, thinking this to be the opportune moment, took Elizabeth's hand in his and knelt down, "Elizabeth…will you marry me?" Elizabeth was surprised, this far she had thought that Jack was just putting on his "innate charm" and the fact that he had had two rums, but he was totally serious. Now Elizabeth felt bad for him, she replied in a tender voice, "I'm sorry Jack. But you said it yourself; it just won't work between us. I'm very sorry." Jack's smile had slid off his face and his self-assured manner was gone, he was baffled, his "innate charm" hadn't worked. Elizabeth pitied him, in all the time she had known him she had never seen him more forlorn, so unlike the famous "Captain Jack Sparrow" "Well," Jack started, trying to regain his composure, "I suppose you want to go back to shore." "Yes, Jack, I have to go home." Jack left the cabin and when his crew saw him they were puzzled, could this be their captain, all dispirited like this? But Jack gave them the "look" so they knew better than to ask what was up. Back in the cabin Elizabeth felt so bad for Jack, "There's got to be something I can do to make him feel better" she thought.

A couple hours later Elizabeth woke with a start, 'where am I?' she thought, then she remembered the events of the previous night. It was almost dawn and Jack had stood at the helm all night dealing with his disappointment, in other words, drowning himself in rum. It had been a cold night but Jack didn't seem to notice, Elizabeth came out on deck carrying a cloak, she walked up to the helm and draped it around his shoulders, "Jack come in for breakfast, you've been out all night-" "Elizabeth, just stop." Interrupted Jack, his words slurred by the rum. "Jack. Snap out of it, I don't mean to sound, well, piratish, you now heartless," at this Jack had to smile, "but you have to get over this and move on, savvy? You once told me that you love weddings 'cause there are 'drinks all around', if you still feel that way, then I would like to invite you to be my guest of honor at my wedding." "Do you really mean that? I thought you despised me." "Jack, how could I despise you? If it hadn't been for you Will and I would well- you know. You do irritate me sometimes." She said choosing her words carefully, "Like this whole kidnapping thing…" "Well if that is the case, I would be honored to be your guest of hon-" before he could finish he keeled over in a dead faint from the rum. "Gibbs!" called Elizabeth, "Give me a hand over here." With Gibbs help Elizabeth got Jack into the cabin. "Thank you for your help Mr. Gibbs, and if Jack didn't tell you, take me back to Port Royal." Her anger once again rose but she pushed it back down, there were more important things to think about. Like, how Jack could go to the wedding without getting arrested, and what Will would say about this whole deal.

Elizabeth was now determined, she went to the door of the cabin, and asked the crew in general, "Does anyone have a brush and some scissors?" After a short search, and many inquisitive looks, a comb and a pair of shears were brought, Elizabeth sighed, these weren't exactly ideal, but they would work. Now for the real work, Elizabeth sat down next to Jack and removed the bandanna and cut the silver metal thing out of Jack's hair, and then she began, trying, to comb his hair. The dreadlocks made it very slow going, and it was lucky that Jack had passed out because if he had been awake he would be yowling in pain, when she had done the best she could, there was a huge pile of hair that had been pulled out of Jack's head while she was brushing. Then she propped him up in a chair and began to trim his hair to make it even. When she was done she looked over her work then with fiendish delight she thought, 'won't he be mad when he wakes up.' Then she saw that there was more work to be done, his beard, it has to be trimmed, so she cut off the two braids, and made it tidy. Then she cleaned up the mess and left the cabin, 'of course he won't look really good until he has a bath…' she thought. As she stepped onto the deck she could tell the eyes of the whole crew were on her, wondering what was going on. "I have invited Captain Jack to my wedding, and he has accepted, and during the last hour or so I have been taking precautionary measures to se that he isn't recognized." She said to answer their silent questions. She went over to the side of the ship and threw Jack's hair overboard, then she stopped and her thoughts traveled to her beloved Will, and their wedding, how wonderful it will be…The sun was rising above the horizon and Elizabeth fell deeper into her reverie. How long she stood there she didn't know, but when the sun had cleared the horizon completely, there was a cry from the Cap'n's cabin, "Look at me! Whose fault is this?! I'll give the scoundrel a whopping taste of the merry rope's end!" The whole crew looked at Elizabeth wondering what she had done. Elizabeth moved towards the cabin, from the look of it Jack wasn't going to come out, so she hiked up her courage and walked through the door, it was worse than she had thought, Jack was a picture of rage, the room was in shambles as he raged around like a caged bull, "Who, who did this!?" he demanded of her. "I did, sir." She was feeling very meek right then, "YOU! How dare you!" Jack whipped his pistol out of his belt and leveled it at Elizabeth's head, then he struggled with himself and put it back in his belt. "Why!? If I may ask did you do this!?" He motioned to his hair and then looked as if he would faint or something. "I will tell you why I did it. I did it because you are going to be the guest of honor at my wedding and I want you to look nice, furthermore you can't be recognized or you will be hanged." Stated Elizabeth. Jack was not mollified, "But this? I look…respectable." He said helplessly. Most of his anger was now replaced my misery but Elizabeth was still wary. "Also Captain, this is not all that has to happen if you want to come to my wedding, you also have to, brush your teeth, well; take a bath, get rid of the kohl around your eyes and dress like a gentleman, also, and most importantly, you must act like a gentleman." Jack looked at Elizabeth as if she were insane, "You can't truly expect me to do all those things, I'm a pirate." "And a good man. Imagine if you can do this, come to a wedding and spend the entire day in Port Royale, without the authorities finding out, why that would be an immense accomplishment. Another to add to the list of Cap'n Jack Sparrow's great adventures." Elizabeth could tell that Jack liked the sound of that. "So, Captain, do we have a deal?" Jack looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, "Agreed" and shook Elizabeth's hand, then added, "If I get caught you have to break me out of the blasted cell." Elizabeth nodded. "Here's what I was thinking, you won't be able to bring the Pearl into the harbor, so why don't you anchor her by the "Pirates be ye warned" sign. Then we will row into the harbor, take the back streets to my house and after I explain to Will that I invited you to our wedding," for just a moment a look of doubt crossed Elizabeth's face, but then was gone and she continued, "then you are off to take a bath, and during that time I will explain to Will the fact that you kidnapped me and then proposed, and let me tell you that he will not be pleased. But I won't let him attack you unless you're armed, savvy?" then Elizabeth clamped her hand across her mouth, 'Where did that come from' she thought, shocked, 'I'm being corrupted by pirates!' "Well, well, is our little miss proper becoming a pirate?" Jack asked mockingly. Then Elizabeth answered, equally mocking, "I sincerely hope not."

The rest of the trip went without incident, except for a little flare up when Elizabeth insisted on Jack leaving his pistol, and hat on board. They got back to Port Royale around nine in the morning, and Elizabeth and Jack rowed into a secluded area of the harbor, and took the back streets to her house as planned. When they got to her house she told Jack to stay outside at the kitchen door until she called for him. Then she went in through the front door and was met by cries of happiness and relief, she ran up to Will, who caught her up in a warm embrace and then asked, "Where have you been?" Elizabeth replied in a low voice, "I'll tell you later…" Then her father, in his usual fluttery manner, said he was so glad she was back safe. Then Elizabeth pulled Will over to the side and said, "I have to tell you something very important, I've invited Jack to our wedding." Will looked extremely shocked, but to Elizabeth's relief, he did not look angry. "There is much more of this story to tell but you have to wait." Said Elizabeth. She ordered the maid to prepare a bath in the spare bedroom. Then she went to the door and called for Jack to come in, he and Will shook hands and greeted him, and Elizabeth could tell he was shocked at the way Jack looked even if he didn't say anything. Then Elizabeth spoke up, "Jack, there is a bath prepared for you upstairs." Then she called a servant to take Jack to the right room.

"Okay, Lizzy. What's up?" asked Will, "Well," she replied, "It's a long story… It all started last night when Anamaria kidnapped me and took me to the Pearl, on Jack's orders." Will looked shocked and more than a little bit angry. "Then Jack started talking as if it were normal to kidnapped someone in the middle of the night. And as we were talking we started sailing, I didn't notice until we were well out to sea. I yelled and hollered, but Jack acted like we were having a civil conversation. Then we went in to eat and after we had finished he…" Elizabeth pause, and Will asked angrily and nervously, "He, what? What did he do?" "He proposed." Elizabeth answered. "He did what!?" Will roared, "I'm going to get that mangy pirate! Imagine proposing to my fiancé!" Will headed for the door seething threats and curses. But Elizabeth stopped him, "Listen to the rest…" "No, there is no rest. I'm going to kill him!" "Will! Listen. I invited him to our wedding, as I already told you. I'm the one that did his hair and made him look halfway decent. I promised him that I wouldn't let you attack until he was armed." "Elizabeth, how could you? How could you invite that, that…pirate, to our wedding." "How do you think I got him to bring me back." Will sobered at this but he was still mad, really mad. Then Elizabeth started again, "And you can't give him away to the authorities. He'll be hung." "No more than he deserves." Growled Will. "Nevertheless. And you need to choose some clothes for him, and make sure he looks good for our wedding." "He won't be going to the wedding, I'll kill him first." Vowed Will. But still he listened to his bride-to-be and sent for the butler, and told him to get some formal clothes from his wardrobe, for their guest, and take them up to him.

Upstairs Jack was just finishing up his bath and swearing that it couldn't be good for him. He dressed in Will's clothes, with a look of disgust on his face. Then the butler informed Jack, "Miss Swan is waiting for you in the drawing room. That way." Pointing down the hall. Jack went into the drawing room, but before he got past the threshold, there was a sword at his throat, "Well, well, well, if it isn't the clever Mr. Sparrow." "Captain, Captain." Jack muttered. "Well then, Captain, here is your sword, prepare to fight." "Will, may I ask for the reason of this cold reception?" "You may. The reason is this, I'll make it very clear, YOU PROPOSED TO MY FIANCE." With this Will swung at Jack who dodged, and drew his own sword. Jack was taken a bit off guard, Will had a lot of rage and was swinging at him in earnest. After a couple minutes of earnest fighting Will seemed to be relaxing, the fighting had used up most of his anger, but he wasn't about to stop now. He used more "playful" techniques and fancy footwork, no longer was he trying to kill his adversary, but to tire him. Jack didn't notice the change, and kept on fighting as if his life depended upon it, soon he was panting and his brow was damp with sweat. Then Will thought with a grin, 'I had better stop this soon or he will smell worse then he did before' Then Will yanked the rug from under Jack, who lost his balance and fell flat on his back, then Will pounced, and held his sword across Jack's throat. Jack looked astonished, "You…you cheated." Jack said in a weak voice. Will replied, "I was once told that the only rules there are is what a man can do and what a man can't do," despite his situation Jack had to smile, "Now, I can slit your throat, but what I can't do is let you bleed all over the governor's carpets, and my fiancé is expecting you to be our guest of honor." Will got up and sheathed his sword, "So can you stay away from my wife, or can't you?" "Well said, now let's get this party started." Said Jack as he stood up. "Oh, Jack, Elizabeth wants to see you, I'll take you to her." When Elizabeth saw them she was glad they had sorted things out. "Gentlemen, I believe it is only three hours till my wedding, shouldn't you get ready?" Will grinned, then gave Jack the "look" and went to get ready. Then Elizabeth said, "Jack, here is a toothbrush go brush your teeth. When you finish come see me, I want to make sure you look alright before I start getting ready." Jack trooped off to brush his teeth and Elizabeth went to her room and called for her maid, "Lay out my dress and veil, then you can start on my hair." After the maid had laid out the dress and while she was still gone getting the other maids for Elizabeth's hair, Jack walked in, and Elizabeth was shocked at how he looked, hair brushed smooth, clean teeth, clean face, clean clothes…he look wonderful. Now for the hard part, getting him to act as well as he looked. Jack interrupted her thoughts by asking, "Well, are you satisfied?" "Yes, I am. Now go help Will get ready, and Jack, something very important, no rum." Jack looked as if he would start throwing a fit but he just walked out the door without saying anything. Now she turned her attention back to her dress, it was beautiful, cream-colored and covered in Spanish lace, and her veil was made of matching Spanish lace. It had belonged to her mother, but it had been redone to fit Elizabeth. And to Elizabeth's grief the seamstress who had done it knew all the fashions, so this dress required an even tighter corset than the one her father had gotten her from England. Then her maids came in and began styling her hair, and Elizabeth got caught up in the chatter and the joy that the day brought, and though no more of the corset. She though of Will how strong and handsome he was, yet kind and gentle. Before she knew it her hair was finished and it was only two hours till her wedding. She went to see that everything was running smoothly, and that the flowers were arranged properly, and all the little things that might get overlooked. Then a maid came to tell her the Jillian Starlet, Elizabeth's maid of honor had arrived. Elizabeth hurried up to her room to see Jillian. It was a joyous meeting, for they hadn't seen each other for a while. They were a strange pair, Jillian was almost the opposite, in personality, from Elizabeth, she was the "proper" young lady who never raised her voice, and went into hysterics if the word "pirate" was even mentioned. She probably would have died of fright if she had gone through some of the things Elizabeth had. But they were the best of friends, despite their differences.

Elizabeth was soon dressed and ready for her wedding and it was only a half hour till she would walk down the aisle. She and Jillian talked until they received the fifteen minute warning. They got into position, and Elizabeth linked arms with her father who kept exclaiming over how beautiful she looked. Then the music started and Jillian walked down the aisle, arm-in-arm with Jack, which went through the door into the garden and across to the dais on the other side. Then Elizabeth walked through the doors, and everyone turned to look, but Elizabeth's eyes were fixed on Will, she barely noticed the people rising to their feet on either side of her, she hardly heard the words spoken as her father presented her to Will. Then they said their vows and Elizabeth slipped a band of gold onto Will's rough, muscular hands, and Will put a ring covered with diamonds onto Elizabeth's smooth manicured hands, hands so different but they fit together so perfectly. Then Elizabeth heard the magic words, "You may kiss the bride.". Will drew back the veil and he kissed his bride, that kiss expressed all the danger and adventure, that they had gone through to be with each other. Then they made their way back down the aisle, past all their cheering and well-wishing friends. Once they were back in the house Will picked Elizabeth up and spun her around, Elizabeth giggled with glee, but then she was herded off by a maid to change into her reception dress. Elizabeth was glad to be out of that corset, even if it was just for a moment. Soon she was ready and she went into the garden to mingle with the guests. After an hour of congratulations and well-wishes, Elizabeth went off to the side to have a minute of peace and quiet, she watched her friends and family visiting with each other. Then she saw Jack walk by with Jillian on his arm, they were chatting and having a good time. Then Elizabeth thought with a grin, "If Jillian only knew…"