Willís Secret Admirer (Or Jack loses his love)
by Aredhel Inglorion (aka Isadora Jarosek)

Will´s Secret Admirer

(Or Jack loses his love)


Kate went to the bar and sat on the scratchy leather chair. She waited patiently for her drink. Suddenly a voice took her by surprise. “Well, ‘ello there, luv! Didn´t see ya sitting there!’. Kate rolled her eyes. “Fancy seeing you here, Jack Sparrow.’ she said sarcastically. Jack laughed and gave a mischievous grin. “Ah, well, just poppin´ in for a bit o´ rum after me visit to Will´s place.’ Kate´s breath caught sharp. Will? Oh, dear William. She felt herself blush. ‘Dear William´, her secret nickname for the young blacksmith. She had felt amazing feelings for him for a long, long, time, and had often dreamed of him loving her…but he was with Elizabeth now. The Governor´s son-in-law. Taken. And with him all hopes of them being together. It had been hard, but so far she had managed to keep her secret admiration to herself. But it was getting stronger every day.


She snapped back into reality as Jack pulled her chair so close to his that she could smell the smell of alcohol…a rich alcohol…rum, maybe? “Well, luv, by the looks of it you think you´re too good for me. Is that it?’ Kate gave a sigh.

“Jack, kindly remove your arm from my waist and keep to your side.’

“Oh, sorry about that!’

“And Jack?’


“You have exactly ten seconds to remove your foot before I snap it off at the knee.’


The next morning…


Kate had wearily returned to her job of water-carrying. This one was to the bakers. She felt her muscles grow tight as she walked past Will´s blacksmithing shop. There he was, hammering away. One of the few rare times when Elizabeth was not with him. One of those oh-so-blissful times when she did not have to watch him kiss the Swann girl. Will caught sight of her. “Hello, Kate.’ he flashed her a smile, and walked towards her.

“Let me help you with that.’

“Oh no, Mr. Turner, I´m fine, really.’

“Kate, that has to be heavier than it looks. Please, let me help you.’ Kate gave a thankful smile. “Thankyou, Mr. Turner. There should be more people like you here.’ Will looked up at her. “Kate, it shouldn´t be a chore for me to help a young lady with her tiring job, should it, now?’ Kate made it to the bakery in double time, and nearly cried when Will turned away to leave. “Oh, and Kate?’ Oh William…please say you love me. Please. At least say something to make me feel better. “Yes, Mr. Turner?’

“Call me Will. Even William is just fine. You´re my friend, Kate. You shouldn´t have to call me ‘Mr. Turner´ “. Then he was gone. Kate just wanted to cry ‘I love you, Will, why can´t you see?´ but she didn´t.


Later that night…


Kate lay in bed, thinking. About Will, which was almost always. Why couldn´t she just rid herself of him? Her love had been cooler for him while he was single. She had nearly even told him once. But now he was married…it was ten times worse. She was happy that he and Elizabeth were content, she didn´t hate them for being in love. Oh Lord she thought this is going to kill me. She knew she had to talk to someone, but who? She had basically no friends (besides Will, and how could she tell him?). but then a crazy thought struck her. Jack.


“So, bonny lass, you tell me what this is all about.’ Jack refilled his mug of rum. “Jack’ she began “I know that maybe you´re not the best person to talk to about this, but…’ she leaned closer, so that, even in the corner, they could not be heard. “…I love Will.’ Jack froze for a moment. Then he spoke: “But what about Elizabeth, y´know, she…’ The look on his face was terrible. “Jack, are you looking at me like that because you don´t want me to come between Will and Elizabeth?’ Jack turned from her. Wait; was that pain on his face? “No, Kate, it´s not that, it´s just that…I have some feelings for you, and…’ Kate hardly believed it. She saw tears in the pirate´s eyes. “Oh Jack,’ she whispered “I´m so, so, sorry.’ She felt tears in her eyes now. She felt angry at herself for hurting Jack so much. “Oh God, Jack, I…if I had had known…I´m sorry.’




Kate ran from the tavern, to the bridge. She felt sorry for Jack… but she still loved Will. The bridge was deserted at this late hour. Good. She would end her troubles here. She stepped on the edge. Staring at the dark, running water. Oh Will sang her thoughts. She gazed at the water for a while, but a soft voice took her from behind. “Please don´t.’ Kate spun around to see…Elizabeth! She was looking at Kate with a sad expression. “Please, please don´t jump, Kate. Don´t let it come to this.’ Kate carefully steeped back onto the solid ground. “Mrs. Turner, what are you doing here? It´s dangerous.’ Elizabeth sighed. I couldn´t sleep, so I snuck out to the front garden. The bridge wasn´t far from there, and I saw you…’ she sighed. “I´d best be getting back to the house. Someone may have found me missing by now.’ Kate was silent as Elizabeth walked away, the white folds of her dress shining in the moonlight. Kate glanced at the beach. There was a small ship with a few men, ready to cast off. With a bit of bargaining, Kate could leave this place.


Once at the shore, Kate greeted the sailors, and they reached an agreement to take Kate as far as Tortuga. She waited while they finished loading. She thought she was in a dream when she heard Will´s voice. “Kate…Kate!’ but it wasn´t a dream. Will was there, beside her on the sand, staring at her. “Kate, why are you going? Why are you leaving?’ Kate bowed her head. “I have to leave the fact of which I cannot - and will never – escape.’ She looked up at him. “William, I love you. I have for years now.  But I can´t have you. Do you know how that feels? I´m sorry, but I can´t stay here. You will be with my heart forever.’ Will was silent. He nodded. Then he stepped a little closer.

“Goodbye, Kate.’

“Goodbye, Will.’

Then William leaned forward, and gave Kate a kiss – a little one – on her lips. And before she knew it she was sailing away. She saw a little figure run to the shore. It was Jack. She stretched out her hand in his direction, and tears fell into the sea. He was reaching for her too. Then, she did not know if it was her cry that pierced the air or his, as she would never be able to see his face again.