A Man Who Became a Pirate
by ~pirate*arrow~

I was in my chambers when I heard a noise,I looked out and it was will.

He had come to tell me that he was leaving with jack to sail.He then asked me if I would like to come with him and I willingly said yes.

When will and I came to the dock I saw everybody from our last venture. Then I saw Jack and he said"Oh Elizabeth, how are you love?" I told him I was fine. I then said hello to Annamaria and Mr.Gibbs. Everyone was happy to see me and I was happy to see them.

Finally I heard Annamaria say hoist the anchor and we were off.

It was about one hour when we first set off that i went up to Will. He seemed very troubled, he then looked up at me and said "Elizabeth I LOVE YOU". I then looked at him surprised and said WIll I love you to and i have since we meet.

As he looked at me i felt myself moving closer to him and we were together and i gave him a Kiss.

I could not help myself and after I kissed him I wanted to do it again. When then I heard Annamaria and Jack talking. I heard annamaria say"when are we going to tell them jack that we are married". He said "soon my dear."

The next day will came up to me and proposed to me! I was so excited that i jumped in his arms and we made a very passionate kiss. I went to go tell jack and he was exited for me and told me the best place to get married is on a ship in the Caribbean. I thought how original.

Part 2

As I was thinking I thought what Jack said was acutually a very good idea. I made the suggestion to will and he thought it was a great idea. When we had finally set our date for a week after today, we were both in awe of how the shipmates were cleaning the ship.

Annamaria and I started working on my wedding gown. I kept giggling like a little school girl.I just could not stop giggling. But that night there was a terribble storm and on THE BLACK PEARL.That managed to put us off course a lot.

Then I hear Jack mubbling to himself. He looked pretty upset because our wedding day was tommarrow and the ship was badly damaged. Well mates Jack said"Let's clean up this mess if we are to have wedding on it.

I was excited bucause they had fixed the ship in time for the ceremony. As I heard the altar say "you are now man an wife" I felt like exploding.

And from that day on we lived our life as happy as we could be.